Managing for Mediocrity

Money DrainHave you watched cloying incompetents being promoted beyond their wildest dreams while the truly talented are continually blocked, frustrated and abused?

It’s a classic mark of mediocre management. Why does it happen?

Inadequate managers are incredibly insecure, talented people scare their socks off. They are not comfortable around talented people so they subvert, sabotage and block them to protect their own positions, prestige and careers.

Inadequate managers often promote incompetents who know they can not find comparable opportunities elsewhere. The manager owns the incompetent.

Personal loyalties take precedence over good management principles and the organization’s best interests, goals and future.

The turtle sitting on top of the fence post did not get there by itself. It is loyal only to the person who put it there and keeps it there. It has no other options.

Truly talented people often go to great lengths trying to win acceptance and approval that can never come from their inadequate managers and authority figures.

The better they are, the bigger their problems.

Their authority figures will continually try to disable them with criticism, continually changing directives, self doubt, distress and despair.

Talented people can move on, take over, ignore it or live in misery.

Help them remember who they are and what they can do. Encourage them to strut their best stuff and triumph over the inadequate, the dishonest and the incompetent.

Leaders define expectations, they don’t let expectations define them. ~ Michele Moore

Copyright 2007, Michele Moore. All Rights Reserved.
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