The Goldfish Test

Whew, it’s so simple! It’s so much easier and less stressful to make good decisions and take right actions you can be proud of when you simply decide to always try to do the right thing.

Ask “What is the right thing to do?” and answer openly, honestly, completely. What are the costs of not doing it? What are the benefits that come from doing the right thing?

The truth is very powerful, trust in the power of the truth.

Very often, simply being open and absolutely honest is the wisest course of action and all that is called for.

You don’t have to punish, hurt or lie. Simply speak the truth openly, honestly, completely and let the world decide.

Use The Goldfish Test – If the situation was absolutely open and the world knew all the details of what was being done, how would they feel? What would they think about you and your part? How would you feel yourself if the world knew all the details about how you work and live? Pleased and proud? Ashamed and guilty?

Secrets Are Stressful – If you have to keep secrets about what you’re doing, something is often wrong. We obviously have to protect ourselves from revealing too much but that’s different from being ashamed we’ll be found out.

Are you participating in a cover up?

If you’re ashamed, guilty and worried about being found out, don’t do it. Don’t assume you can get away with the wrong. Even if you can, you won’t feel good about it. You won’t feel truly happy or successful. Worry isn’t worth it.

The Big Conflict -Very often what we want to do and what we think is the right thing to do are two very different things. We need to be a little bit selfish and watch out for ourselves, especially when the costs and risks are not too great.

Driving Discipline with Desire – When faced with bad temptations, detach quickly and focus on wanting the benefits of the right course of action far more than and perceived rewards from doing wrong. When you look at the rewards of the wrongs, they probably aren’t all that great. Live like a goldfish.

Copyright 2007, Michele Moore. All Rights Reserved.
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