As Safe As Their Secrets


Goodness flourishes and prospers openly for all to enjoy, appreciate and admire.

Triumphs of goodness and compassion are valued, respected, esteemed.

Criminals Are Only As Safe As Their Secrets!

They don’t want the world to know of their evil actions and activities. Their joy comes from hurting others. They prey on the trusting, the loyal, the faithful.

Evil Is Taking Pleasure In Causing Pain or Harm.
Evil is destructive, disruptive, dysfunctional.

Truth Is A Powerful Weapon Against Evil. When people know the truth, they are wary, forewarned. They may even take action to stop it.

Criminals are constrained and contained by fears the truth will be told about who they are and what they do.

Truth Triumphs Over Evil. A safe society allows people to speak the truth, openly, honestly, completely. When people cannot safely tell the truth evil has triumphed.

Truth protects us from evil.

Copyright 2007, Michele Moore. All Rights Reserved.
Email info at FightwithFinesse dot com for reprint rights.
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